Monday, September 28, 2015

Planes Party - from Kiwicakes test kitchen

Recently my youngest cutie turned five so he's off to school after an epic pilot party. There were lots of mouths to feed so his cake had to be big and easy to do! It was a 40cm x 40cm sponge topped with flavoured buttercream and a custom edible image. We used photoshop to create the image at home and sent it to my colleague: to be printed onto an A3 edible icing sheet.

To cover the board I used an old aviation map with a layer of clear cellophane over top. I used an icing comb to create the stripes in the orange buttercream. The edges of the image were trimmed and framed with some navy  gumpaste pressed into a silicone rope border mould. Its my new favourite tool! The large metallic blue rope twist candles looked complimentary. Lastly we added a 'Dusty' toy that he can keep to play with afterwards as a reminder of his special party.

Kids loved digging into the 'cloudy skies' jellies topped with whipped cream from a can. Too easy.

Orange mini foil cupcake cases held the kid-size cupcakes. Lets be honest, most kids are going for the icing rather than the cake component anyway!

Aeroplane design straight-sided cases were used for the adult-size cupcakes, who I felt would appreciate them more. These were piped with a 1F tip

Microwave popcorn can be easily colour-coordinated to your party theme by mixing through a runny brightly coloured icing. Whilst not the healthiest of options, kids seem to love the salty sweet combination.

Lastly here is my big boy heading off to preschool for the last time - with his face on cake no less!

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