Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mothers day fun chocolate moulding ideas

Surprise your Mum on Mother's Day with these Chocolate Love Hearts with Sprinkles - a wonderful tutorial from our friends at Roberts Confectionery.

Each packet of chocolate will make approx. 20 -30 Chocolate Love Hearts 
- 300g Roberts Confectionery Milk or White Chocolate
- Roberts Confectionery Love Heart Chocolate Mould 
- Roberts Confectionery Strawberry Oil 
- 1 packet Coloured Sprinkles

Step 1 

Melt the Roberts Confectionery Milk or White Chocolate using the preferred method on the back of the packet. Flavour your chocolate with a few drops of Roberts Confectionery Strawberry Oil.

Step 2 
Fill each love heart chocolate mould with sprinkles. 

Step 3
Use a teaspoon to carefully fill each mould with melted chocolate.  
Gently tap the mould on the bench to remove any air bubbles. 
Place the mould into the fridge for 15 - 20 minutes to set. 
Your Chocolate heart sprinkles can be used as cupcake toppers or enjoyed on their own.

Personalised chocolates  
The Roberts Confectionery Alphabet Chocolate Mould is perfect for personalising your chocolates. You can create ‘MUM’ or ‘HAPPY MOTHERS DAY’ or your Mum’s name


It’s easy to turn your chocolates into Lollipops! Before you place the mould in the fridge, lay a lollipop stick on your melted chocolate.

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