Tuesday, March 31, 2015

SPCA Support Month During April at Kiwicakes

During April Kiwicakes will be running a support month for the Whangarei SPCA. I was recently shocked to read newspaper articles such as this describing just how dire the finances of the Whangarei branch of the SPCA were. I simply cannot imagine my city without an SPCA branch. Sure in a perfect world, we would not need the SPCA, but as that isn't likely to happen any time soon, I felt compelled to do something to help. AND so the Kiwicakes SPCA support month was born.

During April we've loads and loads going on. You can purchase our two SPCA themed fudges. 50% of all sales of this fudge will go to the SPCA. Please note these fudges are for humans, not your pets!. Puppy Chow fudge, is our yummy Russian Caramel, infused with popcorn flavour, with added pop corn pieces & salt & pepper peanuts - sounds a little strange right? Our taste testers can assure you it tastes pretty darn great and far exceeded their expectations. Kitty Kibble is our yummy creamy Chocolate fudge, which is infused with peanut butter flavour, Reeses Pieces peanut butter cups & pretzels. And it's pretty darn tasty too!

In store we've an amazing Raffle for this "House Rules" framed print Or the "All you need is Love" framed print (winner can choose) by Minette Hanekom of Minette Hanekom Design and Photography. Minette deserves extra special mention as she generously donated her time to create our SPCA posters & flyers, along with our amazing fudge photos. You may recognise the puppy & kitty in our flyers & photos, they appeared on the SPCA tea towels in 2012 for which Minette again volunteered her services for the SPCA.

In store at Kiwicakes, we've also got a raffle for an amazing cake made by Lisa from The Whole Cake and Caboodle. The Satin Ice fondant for this cake was donated by GoBake who are the official sponsor for SPCA Cupcake day (sneak peek below, all to be revealed in store tomorrow)

We're collecting pet food in store, if you hold one of our Sugar cards (loyalty card) we'll give you 5 bonus points when you make a pet food donation as our way of saying thanks. PUPPY FOOD is particularly needed.

We've an official SPCA donation box in store, you can drop in a few coins or a few dollars, every little bit helps. If you're unable to make it in store and you want to make a donation to the SPCA you can do so though their Give A Little donation page Through the Care Programme you can sign up to make regular donations. Of course their are other ways to help, you can drop secondhand goods at the SPCA Second Chance shops or volunteer your time at the SPCA.

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