Friday, January 9, 2015

Have you ever turned a cookie cutter upside down or sideways?

It's amazing ask someone what a cookie cutter shape is, and it's amazing the response you'd get, people see different things in different cookie cutters. Many people guess an entirely different shape to another person.

For example tip an octopus or gingerbread man upside down and you have a reindeer

A sun or a snowflake?

A ladybug or a lemon?

Is that an Easter egg, Spiderman or Frankenstein?

A planet from the milky way or Yoda?

A pirate ship or a Kookaburra/Kingfisher?

An Orchid or a Starfish?

Your awareness ribbon can be used for many causes.

An umbrella or a toadstool?

Whatever you decide, cookie making is so much fun and easy to do with Children too. At Kiwicakes we have an enormous selection of cookie cutters, including all of the ones you see above.

Have you ever used one cookie cutter for another shape? I'd love to hear your ideas too. Photo credits Studio Cakes

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