Friday, January 16, 2015

Day of the dead cake - fun and colourful!

Today's fun post comes from my American friend Autumn Carpenter. Autumn designs and manufacturers a broad range of cake decorating supplies, which I'm proud to stock at Kiwicakes.

Day of the dead seems to be growing in popularity as a theme here in NZ - I love the colourful nature of this cake

Tools and Ingredients
6" and 9" round 2-layer cakes
orange rolled fondant
light pink rolled fondant
Texture Sheet - Flower Fun
pastry wheel
piping gel
pastry brush
skull sugar cookie
royal icing
parchment bags
several small round decorating tips
white rolled fondant
Cutie Cupcake Cutter Set - Halloween
dowels for stacking

Roll orange fondant to desired thickness. Flip smooth rolled side on top of texture mat. Roll over the mat, one time. Lift mat and cut a strip long enough to around the sides of the 6" cake and circle big enough for the top of the cake. Brush cake with piping gel and add fondant. 
Prepare 9" cake for stacking. 
Roll pink fondant to desired thickness, brush cake with piping gel and cover cake. 
Stack cakes. 
Colour royal icing and put colours into bags with tips. Trace the raised pattern on the 6" cake with royal icing colours. Roll out white fondant and cut skulls using cutter from Cutie Cupcake Set. 

Attach to 9" cake using piping gel. Detail each skull using royal icing. Pipe decorative scrolls in between skulls. Use run sugar to flood the cookie and allow to harden. Use coloured run sugar to detail. Place on top of cake using wooden skewer.

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