Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fluorescent Graffiti Cake - Tutorial Tuesday

Today we have a fun tutorial from Lisa at The Whole Cake & Caboodle, created for Kiwicakes. Whether you say fluro or fluoro - this cake is sure to please. And even better under a black light at your party the fluorescing effect is amazing.

1. Cover cake as required. Black works best although white and other colours will work if you have a particular colour palette in mind. If doing a tiered cake it will be easier to stack it first

2. Make some royal icing. Using a small bowl (or several bowls if you wish to do all colours at once) mix up paint to an approximate ratio of 1x semi heaped kitchen tablespoon of royal icing, 10 drops of colour, and a teaspoon of water. You may need more colour (blue and green especially) and you may need a little more water if your consistency isn't runny. It needs to drip off the spoon but you need to be able to control it so not pouring off.

3. Using a spoon with a little on it flick it back and forth across the top of the cake in a pleasing design. To get side markings use a spoon with some on and tip and drag against the fondant essentially drawing with the side of the spoon. You can also stand and flick the icing off the spoon for a true splatter effect

4. Work through layering colours as required and to fill gaps to make it even…or as even as messy can be!

5. Finish cake if required with a ribbon trim or some gum paste beadwork.

This is messy as is shown by the photos, use an old sheet or a new plastic painters drop sheet to protect your surface and stick partially to walls if you don’t fancy cleaning and wish to really get flicking

It does wipe off easily and not stain but it can go a fairway depending upon how carried away you get (its addictive!)

The fluoro will stain some fabrics slightly if not washed immediately (I have some fluoro marks in one of my tea towels)

Use a clean spoon or paintbrush to spread out drips into a line if you don't fancy the drippy look. This will be labour intensive though.

The colour will be quite shiny when wet but as the royal dries it will loose some intensity and lustre. This is normal.

If you are not confident roll out a portion of scrap icing or use a blank piece of computer paper, or even upend a pot and practice on that

If you are wishing to put ribbon around the edges you will need to ensure any large drips are flattened so the ribbon sits cleanly. Scrape them off or push them flat

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