Saturday, September 27, 2014

Purse or handbag cupcakes fun for any age

Todays fun post comes from my American friend Autumn Carpenter. Autumn designs and manufacturers a broad range of cake decorating supplies, which I'm proud to stock at Kiwicakes.

These cupcakes are sure to be a hit with any handbag enthusiast. You can even change the colours to suit any party theme.

Tools and Ingredients
standard size cupcakes
ivory rolled fondant
blue rolled fondant or gumpaste
green rolled fondant or gumpaste
brown rolled fondant or gumpaste
buttercream icing
purse cutters
flower plunger cutters
cupcake wrappers
Autumn Carpenter's FabricTexture Sheet Set
Autumn Carpenter's FloralTexture Sheet Set

Roll out gumpaste, using texture if desired and cut out purse shapes. 
Allow to completely dry. Garnish with flower cut outs, lustre dust and extra decorations if desired. 
Ice cupcakes with thin layer of buttercream icing. Roll out fondant for cupcakes, using texture for some and cut out disks using circle cutter. 
Place a disk on top of each cupcake and smooth down edges. Pipe mound of buttercream on top of cupcake to support finished purses. Place each cupcake into cupcake wrapper.

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