Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hawaiian shirt cookies - perfect start to any luau

Todays fun post comes from my American friend Autumn Carpenter. Autumn designs and manufacturers a broad range of cake decorating supplies, which I'm proud to stock at Kiwicakes.

These Hawaiian shirts looks like so much fun, I cannot wait to try them out myself.

Tools and Ingredients
cookie dough
run sugar icing (royal icing)
flexible poly blade
3 1/2" diamond cutter
2 1/4" diamond cutter
piping gel
pastry brush
light brown rolled fondant

Cut and bake cookies and allow to cool. 
Roll thin pieces of fondant and use the 3 1/2" diamond cutter to cut the inlay piece of the shirt. Attach piece to cookie with piping gel and use poly blade to cut the excess fondant off of cookie. 
Roll fondant to desired thickness and roll texture sheet over fondant to give a recessed image. Cut fondant using the same cutter used to bake cookies. Using the 3 1/2" cutter, cut out the neckline but do not take the cutter down as far into the shirt or the neckline will be too deep. 
Attach textured fondant to cookie with piping gel over the inlay piece. Use the 2 1/4" diamond cutter to cut textured pieces for the collar. Cut the diamond in half vertically and attach collar pieces to shirt with piping gel. Cut excess fondant with poly blade. 
Carefully use poly blade to cut the front piece of textured fondant in half to make the shirt division. Fill parchment bag with run sugar icing and fill-in recessed images. 
Roll tiny pieces of light brown fondant for the buttons and attach to shirt with piping gel.

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