Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Quick and Easy Peanut Butter sand from the Kiwicakes test kitchen

Creating "sand" from peanut butter is quick and easy using Maltodextrin

To create my sand I used the old fashioned natural kind of peanut butter that needs a mix to bring the oil/paste back together.  You can also create sand with any fat, such as cream based caramel, Nutella or a flavoured olive oil to make a dust to have with steak etc.

The ratio is 40% maltodextrin to 60% peanut butter. using this ratio, you can make enough for one plated dessert or ten.
With a spoon mix the peanut butter and maltodextrin together in small bowl. Transfer mix to a blender and process for a few seconds, stop the blender and shake to make sure ingredients are evenly distributed .Repeat a few seconds at a time until you have a fluffy peanut butter dust or sand. Do not leave your food processor running, the heat and friction will undo your work of making sand and turn it in to a paste. Pass through a fine seive for an even lighter result. 

Store in a sealed air tight container until ready to use. The dust dissolves with moisture so add it to your plated dish at the last minute. I love the look on peoples faces as the sand dissolves on their tongue and they realise it’s peanut butter. I cannot wait to try making more different types of sand.

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