Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Golf ball cake pops using chocolate modelling paste

A quick and easy solution for golf ball cake pops is to use modelling chocolate (because it's darn near impossible to dip a cake pop in white chocolate and then get the little indentations in it).

Take a small piece of white modelling chocolate and cover your cake pop, bringing the edges of the circle together under the ball at the base of the stick, you don't need to be too tidy, as the golf tee will cover the join. Then using the back end of a paint brush handle, press repeatedly to create indentations. Take a small sausage of coloured modelling chocolate and slide it up the stick to form the golf tee. Don't model the tee before sliding it on to the stick, as the shape gets distorted as you slide it up the stick. The tee can be formed between your fingers pinching and moulding it into shape. The modelling chocolate tee will stick to the ball easily without any adhesive.

You can find your modelling chocolate here  and cake pop sticks here 

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