Thursday, March 13, 2014

The creation of a cupcake paper

For years Grandma Kiwicakes and I have wanted Seashell cupcake papers, but we could never find anything decent. One day when chatting with my supplier Jill, I said to her "I wish I could get seashell and tropical fish cupcake papers" (as separate designs). I was thrilled when she let me know it was as simple as getting some designed. And then the fun started!

A few weeks after our initial discussion, Jill forwarded me this design mock-up for comment. Of course I loved it all, but we had to narrow it down to just one finished design. We both agreed we loved the design with the pink frangipani, which would be perfect for weddings, but felt it would eliminate some children for their under the sea party who deemed pink "a girls colour". We don't have "boys" and "girls" colours in our home, but unfortunately some children have this opinion.

This is the final design Jill settled on. I love it, and I couldn't wait to make beach themed cupcakes when I got them. Perfect for any beach themed party or event.

But I didn't just get seashell papers. I was lucky enough that Jill went ahead and made tropical fish papers, too. These were a firm favourite with my children, who were icing cupcakes with me when I made these ones. 

The silicone moulds I used to create the fish can be found here and the shells here. The fish and shells are made with Satin Ice fondant (no hardener required on such small shapes). The small fish bubbles are Kiwicakes own brand sugar pearls found here. The sand is brown sugar, sprinkled with a little glitter, this simulates the mica which sparkles in sand on a sunny day.

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