Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Quick and easy sherbet for Halloween

This quick and easy sherbet is perfect for Halloween. It's so easy I wouldn't even go as far as calling it a recipe. I was inspired to make this sherbet after being given a bag of Pink Berry flavoured icing sugar when I visited the Chelsea sugar factory last week. As a child I recall making sherbet that required either jelly crystals or fruit drink powder. The pink berry flavour in this icing sugar negates the need for either of those two ingredients and in the process makes it more like the sherbet bags we used to buy as children (which I believe are still available).

There's just two ingredients: 1x 375g bag Pink Berry icing sugar mixed together with 1 Tbsp of citric acid. Mix well in a bowl. Taste to ensure you've reached a level of zing to suit you.

I scooped it into food safe paper bags. They have a flat bottom, which allows them to stand up. For my Halloween themed bags, I used these lollipop sticks as straws. Here at Kiwicakes we have a wide range of retro paper straws to allow you to coordinate any colour theme. Now I just have to hope some trick or treaters come knocking on my door for Halloween.

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