Wednesday, October 2, 2013

100% edible glitter - brand new from Rainbow Dust

Some weeks back I received samples of the new Rainbow Dust 100% edible glitter. I was SO EXCITED! It's an edible glitter with a particle size that matches Rainbow Dusts Sparkle Range and bounces light with a fantastic effect. The range is available from Kiwicakes from Friday October 4th 2013 - you can view it here 

This is the only product on the market that can be called a truly edible glitter. Many products claiming to be edible glitter have a huge flake size and don't really resemble glitter. Rainbow Dusts range has a small, flat particle size that immediately resembles glitter. This, combined with its sparkling and reflective properties, results in a product you will love to use.

My original samples were gold & pink. I love how the pink looks on this butterfly cupcake (above) & White russian cake pop (below). I wanted to be sure to not just show you the manufacturers photos, but to show you photos of the edible glitter in use by us here at Kiwicakes, so you can get an idea how good it is. 

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