Friday, September 13, 2013

Peppermint and Chocolate NO BAKE Slice - from GoBake

This lovely recipe is another in the series, created by the lovely Trish from GoBake. Watch out for more coming soon.

100gm x Easyfrost
100ml x Water
2 x Tablespoons Peppermint Flavacol
450gm x White Chocolate, melted
2 x Packets Oreo Biscuits
150gm x Butter, melted
1 x Tablespoons Chocolate Flavacol
100gm x Dark Chocolate, melted


1.      Place GoBake Easy Frost into a bowl with the water, beat until it resembles whipped cream
2.       Mix in the peppermint Flavacol and melted white chocolate
3.      Crush the Oreos in the food processor and add the melted Butter and Chocolate Flavacol
4.       Line a slice tin with non-stick baking paper
5.       Press in the Oreo mix firmly
6.       Top with the Peppermint Easyfrost
7.       Smooth the top
8.       Drizzle with melted Dark Chocolate
9.       Refrigerate for 1 hour and the slice and serve

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