Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Make your own no churn ice cream - with this easy recipe from Gobake

After seeing this yummy no churn recipe for ice cream from GoBake using Easy Frost. I had to give it a try myself. Trish from GoBake created the recipe, her recipe shown below is for Butterscotch, but other flavacols from the range could be substituted to make different flavours.

100g GoBake  Easy Frost
100ml Cold Water
10ml GoBake Butterscotch Flavacol

Beat the Easy Frost and water together till it becomes light and fluffy just like whipped cream.
Swirl the Butterscotch Flavacol through cream.
Spoon into a snap lock container and freeze for 4 hours

This was my attempt at ice cream, I followed the recipe above, but instead of adding the flavacol, I used a good heaped tablespoon of Strawberry powder. The girls here at Kiwicakes loved it

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