Friday, June 7, 2013

Exciting new metallic Click-Twist food paint pens from Rainbow dust

This week, we've had an exciting new product range arrive here at Kiwicake's. The new Click-Twist pens arrived while Esme was here visiting Kiwicake's. As I was unpacking the shipment, I handed a purple one to Esme (her favourite colour) and said "How would you like to be the first person in New Zealand to try these pens?". Well of course she didn't say no, she grabbed the chance and went straight to work on a piece of fondant.

It was hilarious, as Esme brushed the purple over the fondant, we both simultaneously said "ooh - aah" - I guess you had to be there, but it was very funny. You can check out the full range of ten pens here 

The following details below are from the Rainbow Dust manufacturer

A ready-to-use and VERY convenient paint brush, pre-loaded with our very popular metallic food paint. Simply twist the end cap of the brush until the paint fills the brush tip and you're ready to go! When not in use, simply wipe any excess paint from the tip of the brush and place the cap back over the brush until next time. No mess, no fuss. It's quick and easy!

Sometimes you need a paint colour on hand but don't need the extent of a paint pallet, water beaker, brush and paper towel. Sometimes, all you need is a Click-Twist Brush®. This is great for small areas of coverage and detail work and due to the controlled delivery of paint into the brush tip, there is minimal wastage which means your Click-Twist Brush is very economical®, allowing you to paint many many decorations!

  • Click, twist and use
  • Radiant Metallic Paint
  • Dry in 10 - 15 minutes
  • Once dry the lustre pigment is sealed within the surface - no dust or smudges
  • Economical use of paint

Label Claims: Nut Free, GM Free, Suitable for Vegetarians, Certified Kosher & Hala

Supplied in a premium colour coded, retail-pack with full colour front and reverse design, including foil print. The current range has 4 different reverse designs, each demonstrating a different use for the pens.

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