Friday, May 10, 2013

Fairtrade Karma - Buy Fairtrade and good things will happen

Today I must have good Karma!. I received a rather mysterious black box addressed to me today and inside were all of these lovely goodies.
All of these wonderful products are promoting Fairtrade fortnight I can say with complete honesty, I always try to opt for Fairtrade when I can (thankfully my local New World has Fairtrade bananas - my son eats a ton each week)
I got so much yumminess 
Cadbury Dairy Milk Fairtrade chocolate bars
Whittaker's Fairtrade chocolate bars
As well as lovely mugs from Kokako, a Bodum coffee plunger and heaps of coffee, all fairtrade of course! - coffee from

Whilst I can gobble a chocolate bar down faster than anyone - I'm thinking next week, I might embark upon some fairtrade chocolate cupcakes - surely if I pass them all around - more good Karma will be coming my way. 

Tell me - are oyu doing anything for Fairtrade fortnight?. What fairtrade products do you like to buy & support?

Get involved in Fairtrade fortnight
May 4-19th - Fair Trade Fortnight is NZ's biggest annual awareness raising campaign – it's also a nationwide celebration of all things fair trade & the difference that choosing fair makes for millions of developing country farmers.
This year the call to action is "Fairtrade Karma; Buy Fairtrade and Good Things Will Happen". The more Fairtrade certified products we buy in NZ, the greater the improvement to the standard of living for farmers & workers, & their families & communities in developing countries.

About Fairtrade
Buying Fairtrade Certified products makes a real difference for the Fairtrade farmers and workers in developing countries. Fairtrade means a better future for producers, workers, their families and communities in these countries.
In addition to providing a fair and stable price for their products, Fairtrade is helping farmers, workers and their communities build better roads, access health care and send their kids to school. Fairtrade also enables them to grow and develop their businesses ensuring they can improve life for their families and communities well into the future.

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