Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chocolate modelling paste from Chocolate Earth

Today I want to take some time to tell you just how great the chocolate modelling paste we have in stock is. I've had some questions about how it is used and whether it is any good (some customers have had bad experiences with other brands)

I can tell you our chocolate modelling paste is AWESOME! It is created by Kevin from Chocolate Earth. Kevin is one of NZ's top decorators. He creates this paste at his Brown's Bay store, it is sold exclusively at Kiwicakes and at his store Chocolate Earth.

Kevin has given permission for me to show you just how great his cakes are, and some of the things he uses it for. If you'd like to see more Kevin's awesome cakes, you can follow him on facebook here

This Zombie cake was amazing, I watched the photos slowly arrive over a couple of days, as the cake progressed.

Photo above and below prior to colouring.

Kevin also uses chocolate modelling paste in his Cricut Cake machine

The elephants on this cake in chocolate modelling paste are exquisite.

You can purchase your chocolate modelling paste here there are 150gr single colour packs, or 600g rainbow packs. Watch Kevin's facebook page, if you're in Auckland, he will be running some modelling chocolate classes before Xmas this year.

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