Sunday, August 21, 2011

Is anyone having a RUGBY watching party with friends?

Judging by the amount of All Blacks licensed partyware that has been shipping out the past few weeks, not to mention rugby shaped cookie cutters, cake tins & chocolate moulds I would say a there's a whole bunch of you out there planning Rugby watching parties with your friends.

Here at Kiwicakes, I've been planning a few treats for the supporters. I found these great stickers at our local emporium shop. Made by Kelrae Enterprises in Auckland. I wasn't quite sure what I was initally going to do with them, when I started planning this post.

Then it came to me, they'd look great on our miniature rugby ball gumball dispensers.

The tiny little rugby ball sticker fitted perfectly on the turn crank of the gumball machine.

This particular gumball machine is sold with orange gumballs (direct from the USA - it's the colour the manufacturer chose for football). However I thought they might look better with black jelly beans - the kids easily took the gumballs off my hands (I have jelly beans available in many colours) sold in 1kg bags)

Realising that not everyone is a black jelly bean fan like Grandma Kiwicakes, I decided perhaps white or black & white might be more suitable. In the process I discovered I LOVE WHITE jelly beans. If you're a fan of milkshake or milk bottle lollies you'll LOVE these too.

Of course you can fill these with Jaffa's, nuts, M&M's anything really, as long as they are big enough to fit out the hole when the crank is turned. Jelly beans work great, tried & tested by me.

It doesn't really matter what party I'm throwing, I can never just toss chips in a bowl and open packets of food, whilst I might include chips in a bowl. I always like to make something specific to the event I'm holding. Yesterday afternoon we took the children to the playground, this is very close to the Fudge Farm shop in the town basin of Whangarei. I left the children with hubby and snuck off to see what I could find that might be interesting for Rugby cupcakes. I came up with Chilli chocolate from Bella Chocolates. And the Whiskey & Walnut fudge fromt eh Fudge Farm.

I grated the chilli chocolate

And crumbled the whiskey & walnut fudge. I've previously crumbled fudge in to icing recipes before and found it can stick in the piping nozzles, so if  you're including it in the icing, you need to ensure you have a very large opening to your nozzle. The nozzle is used is Wilton 1A

Visually I thought the Chilli chocolate a little more sophisticated

Than the more rugged crumbled fudge

Both were equally delicious, I would happily eat both of them. The cupcakes are chocolate normally I don't pair cream cheese icing with plain chocolate cupcakes, but in this case, I thought the whiskey & walnut & chilli chocolate were well off set against my version of cream cheese icing which is;

1 block of Philadelphia Cream Cheese
120g softened butter
3 3/4 cups icing sugar
1tsp vanilla
2 tablespoons of hot water
a squeeze of lemon juice

Cream together butter & cream cheese
Gradually add the icing sugar mixing slowly. When half of the icing sugar is mixed in add lemon, vanilla & hot water, continue to slowly add icing sugar. Mixture should be light & fluffy, if left to sit, or made ahead of time, add 1-2 more tbsp of hot water before piping to ensure light fluffy consistency.


  1. I think one could only say the All Blacks LOL but also due to Master 9 doing a RWC project at school and having to choose any country except NZ I might also suggest Canada (I know a long shot but heck why not)

  2. New Zealand Of Course and NOt just because I'm a KIWI, BUt because were are awesome.
    I'm SO excited about the world cup and we have made plans to throw party's for each game we play in. YAY so excited!!!!

  3. So being a POM, who lives here in the gorgeous Parua Bay,with a Canadian huspand and 2 little children who were born here, one of which, Charlie is 2 on September 14 when Canada plays Tonga here in Whangarei- its a tough decision! OK, go England, go Canada, go New Zealand- one out of 3 would be awesome!

  4. Better be the All Blacks. Husband is nervous enough weeks out from the start of the World Cup and will descend into a state of mourning should we not win.

  5. I think this one is a non negotiable...Go the AB's .....however after last nights efforts lets home the "A" side was left at home. Also hoping for a upset from one of the less well known rugby playing countries. BTW the cupcakes look great

  6. I think, hope and pray the All Blacks will win.

  7. Well after the weekend and playing against South Africa I hope the All Blacks are reving up to beat the living daylights out of all the teams we play.
    Go teh All Blacks

  8. It has to be the All Blacks that win, since us christchurch people miss out on the games here it would be the best if the All Blacks won.

  9. Of course it's going to be the All Blacks! My son turns 10 on 16 September and he's having a rugby themed party with his friends and will watch the All Blacks v Japan game as part of his birthday celebrations! Go Black!

  10. Dare I say it ..... The Springboks

  11. The last WCup, I was completely confident that we would win, my English hubby was backing England... well we all know what happened there. It has to be the AB's this time - it's our turn!!!

  12. I would have to say the boys in Black (not england)!! Go the ALL BLACKS!! My son who turns 5 just a few days before the world cup starts is a big fan of rugby and practices the Haka anywhere he can (even in the shower!!) So he is all fired up for the games and we will be having friends over etc to watch some of the games!

  13. Personally I would like to see the all blacks win , however my gut feel is it may be the springboks , but as they and australia are likely to face off I think the game to really watch will be the auzzie springbok game in the semis ( i think this is right)
    Ps love the deco's if i dont win will definetly be looking at buying some! Got to have some even if it is for the office!

  14. The ABs!!! I know they can do it and with the tough, tough year so many Kiwis have had, it would just be awesome to bring home the cup and give lots of us a big boost :)

  15. All Blacks all the way!!

  16. Well being a proud Kiwi of course I have to say the ABs...but second choice is bonnie wee Scotland. Go the All Blacks!

  17. ALL BLACKS all the way...

  18. Being a Canadian, I'll have to go with them, even though I didn't even know Canada HAD a rugby team!

  19. kspierling@gmail.comAugust 23, 2011 at 1:30 PM

    I'm behind the All Blacks ALL THE WAY!

  20. New Zealand of course, my husband and 4 sons wont be backing anyone else in our household,lol


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