Wednesday, October 13, 2010

They're here! - after a really long wait PME lustre sprays

Stunning new lustre sprays in 8 colours - a lovely metallic sheen at the push of a nozzle!.

After a really long wait of nearly 2 months, our lustre spray has finally landed. Why you ask?, such a long wait? - well because it's illegal to send aerosol through the post, so we had to have these come on a dangerous goods carrier, as the contents are under pressure. If a can let loose in the post, we're liable for the entire contents of the mailbag ARGH!. It is for this reason, if ordering we cannot send to a PO Box, we can only send to st addresses, using a dangerous goods courier, as NZ post will not carry them.


  1. Hi!!!Does this contain alcohol???Is this product certified kosher??And i wanna knw the ingredients..

  2. Yes it contains alcohol, not certified Kosher. Other ingredients are simply E colours

  3. Having that dangerous goods carrier with trained people to handle them is one of the ways we can avoid accidents in mid air. It may take more time for the package to arrive but it will. Safely.


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