Friday, October 1, 2010

Debbie Brown's Ezi-snap cake dowels

Now these aren't literally Debbie Brown's dowels - but for all the girls that attended Debbie Brown's workshops with me recently and asked me for these dowels, NOW I HAVE THEM. we were all amazed just how easy they were to use. Debbie told us, it's all that is used in Britain, she was gobsmacked (to say the least) that many of us were still cutting wooden dowels to length. And after seeing her in action with the plastic dowels, I can see why. 

They are so easy to use. Take 1 plastic dowel. Insert in to your cake - so you can see how long you need it to be.

Score once with not much more than light pressure, using a regular kitchen knife at required height - and then......


Priced at $1 each for standard size and $1.50 for large/heavy - click here to get some for yourself.

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