Monday, April 5, 2010

How to have heaps of fun in 3 seconds!

That's right 3 seconds is all it took, for these super cute little shrink wraps to suck on to the previously boiled egg. On Saturday of Easter - I opened up a pack of these great Easter egg shrink wraps (purchased at 75% off, at Spotlight after Easter last year - normally $2.99 for 12). Simply pop a sleeve over a hard boiled egg, pop egg on a large spoon and lower in to a bowl of boiling water, the plastic shrinks to cover the egg by the time you count to 3. Little Mr 3 was so excited he couldn't wait to eat his egg (he doesn't like egg). I had hoped these colourful wrappers might inspire him. Alas when he had the egg halfway to his lips, he declared "yuck I still don't like egg". I've grabbed another pack of these wraps, since getting the first and the designs vary wildly, from pastels, to bright retro cartoon designs. I urge you to pop to Spotlight after Easter and see if you can snag some in the sales. There isn't much in life, that is this much fun - in just three seconds!

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