Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chocolate tempering and more!

I was thrilled when Haniela granted her permission for me to share with you her blog post on chocolate tempering. It is one of the most simple & easy to understand explanations I've read. And Haniela's photos are amazing. Check out her chocolate tempering post here.

She also has a fantastic post on how to create these wonderful Marshmallow sandwhiches. Check out the marshmallow post here.


  1. Excellent links, thanks for that! Is there any chance that you'll be sourcing the chocolate thermometer that she mentioned in the article? I found it hard enough getting a candy one a year or so ago

  2. Hi Selena, at this stage I don't have any of that type of thermometer ont he way. If you would like me to get you one in. Please emai me, I'll see what I can do
    Kind regards Sandra


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