Thursday, September 17, 2009

A little something different - my hubby, poetry & Sam Hunt

I am very proud of my wonderful husband Vaughan. Amongst other things (besides being a great dad, husband & teacher) he is a poet. I wanted to share with you all Sam Hunt reading Vaughan's poems over 3 weeks on Kiwi FM. Sam says he's as good as Leonard Cohen - which is a huge compliment as Vaughan is a great fan.

The 10 minute shows are downloadable from the Sam Hunt page on the KiwiFM website

New Voice (3 Aug)

Outside is Fog (7 Aug)

Lost Weekend (11 Sept)

The poems he reads are ‘the answer to first questions’, ‘outside’, ‘everyday (after Heather Hunt)’, and ‘over the fence’. This poems are all from Vaughan's blogsite

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