Sunday, September 27, 2009

And the winner of the signed Debbie Brown book is!

Sheranne Haugh from Taumarunui.

I must admit, drawing a winner to receive a prize is much easier, than asking people to send an email saying why they'd like to win BEACUSE then I have to choose a winner. I can honestly say after I read each letter, I wanted to give the book to each and every person. Sadly I only have one copy to give away and there can only be one winner.
Here is part of Sheranne's letter
I have taken the books to the school I work at, because we have schoolwide developmental programme on Monday mornings. During this time i have been amazed with the senior boys aged 11,12 and 13 they are so interested in creating the figures from Debbie's book although we are only creating out figures from playdough at the moment the intention is to move to modeling foundant and create individual cakes to sell at our school gala.

These boys have amazed myself and the other staff members with their fine details and patience
it is also a great time for myself and these children to sit around the table and talk while we create.

Who knows, by developing this interest now, we may see New Zealands version of Chef Duff (Ace of cakes) in few years time.

regards Sheranne Haugh

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