Friday, May 15, 2009

Stunning chocolate transfers

These new chocolate transfers are simply stunning!. I'm having trouble deciding which one to use first, priced at $7.50-$9.50. Check them out here kiwicakes a large variety of colours and styles to choose from, in 2 sizes.
Chocolate Transfers have a myriad of uses limited only by your imagination. Design is cocoa butter coloured with powdered food colouring. Spread melted chocolate thinly on the sheet... that's all it takes! Break up pieces and use them as elegant, unique cake & candy decorations.
You can cut up transfer sheets and place on top of your just dipped candies & chocolates.
Chocolate transfer sheets work on all kinds of chocolate, any colour; . Transfer sheets are flexible and can be shaped any way you choose. Cut in strips and place on sides of a cake with chocolate. Cut in strips and make bow loops.
Chocolate Transfer Sheets should last until you use them. It's merely cocoa butter and powdered colouring embossed onto a clear acetate sheet.

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  1. Hi Sandra. I've been searching for acetate strips for holding mousse, and I stumbled on your blog. And are these acetate strips? Sorry, I probably am a bit confused, because all I know acetate strips are usually clear like plastic wrap? Would you please advise me on this?
    Thank you.



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