Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rugby Tackle Cake - from Kiwicakes test kitchen

Here's a cake I made recently for a special 6 year old boy in our house who is rugby mad. Time was of the essence with decorations but I had promised some players tackling on a field so I had no option but to complete it before the school bell rung!

These player decorations were made just before the party - taking 1 hour in total. Luckily I had  borrowed Sandra's male mould from this family set or it wouldn't have been achievable.

I started with classic coconut for a textured grass field. I made it by mixing a drop of electric blue gel with a more generous squirt of electric yelllow gel together in a snaplock bag, then tossed the coconut through the resulting electric green colour.

I smeared a very thin sheen of crisco inside the person moulds before I started. This just means that my fondant had no chance of sticking inside. I didn't have time for errors. I used various coloured fondant to fill the mould cavities with a mixture of 'clothing' and 'exposed skin' (this included an exposed bare bottom by special request of the birthday boy) I used sugar glue to stick the limbs together.

As the players were face-down I didn't need to worry about detailing the facial features but I did need to quickly add hair. One was made by pushing a small ball of fondant through a sieve and the other was a flattened ball of fondant snipped at with clean nail-type scissors. 

To finish I piped some numbers on the back of their jerseys with white icing using a thin tip. I shaped a ball out of fondant and detailed it with the icing too. I think these last few touches are really important to make it genuine and and sporty.
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