Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bright Easter Sprinkles - from Kiwicakes Test Kitchen

Brighten up your Easter Sunday with some simple and mismatched, fun and vibrant cupcakes! Use any and all cupcake paper sizes and designs you have to hand.

Fill a piping bag with multi-coloured icing then give it a couple of turns with a stirrer such as a cake tester or a skewer. That will be just enough to slightly marble the colours. Then twist to secure the top of the bag as normal and start piping. The swirly rounded tip used here is #109 (mainly used for drop flowers).

These Bunny, Chick and Duck sprinkles are the quintessential symbols of new life and make Easter decorating easy.

This cupcake is iced in white with a more feathery-effect tip and sprinkled with edible Jumbo Confetti.
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