Thursday, December 12, 2013

Quick and easy Santa hat Christmas cake pops

These simple "Santa Hat" cake pops were super easy to make. The cones are Laura's tropical mango cake pops recipe (the lumps of mango account for the rough texture of the hat, but I like this about them). The shape is created from the cone mould in this set.

Firstly, dip your cake pop stick in little melted candy melts and press into a chilled, but not frozen, cake pop. Repeat with your remaining cake pops before you attempt to dip any. This gives the sticks time to set and ensures your cake doesn't fall off the stick whilst you're dipping.

To create a thinner consistency to my candy melts, I add paramount crystals. A thinner consistency to your coating ensures a longer working time, and a greater number of pops can be covered, with a more even texture as there's less clumping.

Once your red coating has set, pipe some royal icing around the hat band and a "pom pom" for the top. I dipped mine in pearlised white jimmies sprinkles. You could use buttercream instead of the royal icing. However, if you want to package your finished cake pops in bags you need to use royal icing, as it sets hard, which buttercream doesn't.

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