Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fun Christmas cookies

Today's fun post comes from my American friend Autumn Carpenter. Autumn designs and manufacturers a broad range of cake decorating supplies, which I'm proud to stock at Kiwicakes. These gorgeous cookies are sure to add some Christmas cheer to any party table.

Tools and Ingredients:

Cutie Cupcake Cutter Set - Christmas
flesh coloured rolled fondant
green rolled fondant
lime green rolled fondant
red rolled fondant brown rolled fondant
tan rolled fondant
white rolled fondant
flexible poly blade
paint brushes
watermelon petal dust
black food coloring
blue food coloring
white food coloring
piping gel
pastry brush
curly fir textured mat
pastry roller

Reindeer: Roll brown and tan fondant to desired thickness. Use Cutie reindeer cutter to cut both brown and tan fondant. Use poly blade to cut brown antlers away and attach fondant piece to cookie brushed with piping gel. Cut tan fondant antlers and place on cookie.  Use largest football shaped Mini Accent cutter to make the mouth and attach to reindeer with piping gel. Roll a small piece of black fondant and attach for the nose. Paint on eyes, eyebrows, mouth and inner ears using a fine paint brush and watered down food colouring.

Elf: Roll flesh, lime green and green fondant to desired thickness. Use Cutie elf cutter to cut an elf out of each colour. Use poly blade to cut away the flesh hat from the elf's face then attach to cookie brushed with piping gel.  Cut the hat off the lime green and green elves. Continue to cut alternating colours of stripes or cut alternating colours of small triangles from accent set and attach to cookie. Paint on eyes and mouth using a fine paint brush and watered down food colouring. Roll a tiny dot of flesh fondant and attach to the face with piping gel for the nose. Brush on the watermelon petal dust to highlight cheeks.

Santa: Roll white, flesh and red fondant to desired thickness. Using Cutie Santa cutter and cut one of each colour. Use pastry roller to cut away hat from the red fondant. Cut a strip of the white fondant for the fur on the bottom of the hat and cut the ball at the top of the hat. Use round cutter to cut a circle for the face. Roll texture mat over cut piece of white fondant then use circle cutter to cut out place for the face.  Attach all pieces to cookie brushed with piping gel. Brush cheeks with watermelon petal dust. Use Mini Accent cutters to cut mustache and eyebrow pieces, roll small piece of flesh fondant for nose and attach all pieces to face using piping gel. Use fine paint brush to paint eyes with food colouring.
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