Monday, October 14, 2013

Conical Christmas Tree Cake Pops - from Kiwicakes' test kitchen

Today, I played around decorating mini christmas trees with a tropical mango cake centre.

My first job was to shape the mini cakes with the help of a conical mould (keep reading for the recipe below). Once they had firmed up in the refrigerator I was ready to go.

I popped a stick into the base of each, then I melted half a bag of green candy melts until nearly softened. I used a spatula to spread a layer of green chocolate underneath the tree and let it dry slightly to glue the stick in place.

Then I used my spatula again to create random tree texture with the  green chocolate. 

Next I made wee yellow stars out of the tiniest amount of yellow satin ice fondant, which had a pinch of tylose added to it for strength. I rolled it out a couple of millimetres thick and used  a star shaped plunger cutter to punch out perfect tree toppers. I brushed them with yellow stardust glitter for a sparkling effect.

Then using some royal icing I piped white decoration onto my cake pops. The royal icing holds the star in place as well as any cachous or sprinkles you add.

On this tree I brushed on a pearl crushed pine lustre dust to try and make it look snowy.

A great tool I found in our test kitchen (which helped immensely) was a sugar pearl tweezer. This nifty little guy is going to make my life a lot easier now that I know it exists!

It allows you to work quickly and get all the cachous onto your cake pop before your royal icing gets a skin on it and dries. These Christmas cachous pictured will be handy with the festive season approaching.

You can have fun creating with whatever edible decorations you have on hand, and you will end up with a bunch of christmas trees that have personality as well as a fruity punch in the centre!

Tropical Mango Cake Pop Mixture (makes 12)

100g traditional sour creme at room temperature 
250g vanilla cake crumbs 
10g freeze-dried mango powder
60g mango chunks, diced finely
2 Tbsp coconut

Mix the mango powder into the sour creme first and then incorporate the other three ingredients until you have a malleable mixture. Roll into conical teardrop shapes and then place into a conical cake pop mould to achieve consistent size teadrop shapes. Refrigerate until firm. Cover in chocolate and decorate as desired.

These conical shapes also make great Santa hats. The small ball on top can be made with a little ball of fondant icing. The trim can be piped in royal icing or white chocolate and then rolled in sparkling sugar.
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