Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Chocolate Pina Colada Push Pops - from Kiwicakes test kitchen

I must admit I hadn't heard of this new craze until Sandra lent me her Push Up Pops book. These nifty devices are taking America by storm, and after having a play with them I can see them catching on in the NZ party scene, too. 

The book would make a neat present for a baker who likes to stay up with food trends. The author, Courtney Dial Whitmore, provides inspiration for scrumptious cake, pie, frozen, cookie and candy Push Pops. Think of a 'Dreamsicle Daiquiri' or 'Campfire S'mores' or 'Coconut Blueberry Parfait' Push Pop and your mouth starts to water. 

The Push Pops come in either packs of 8 or packs of 12, and although they could be disposable, the Scottish blood in me wouldn't allow it. The gadgets are robust and can be broken down into four component parts for easy cleaning. I love that a lid snaps easily over the top to keep your flavours fresh and easily transportable.

I whipped up a set of Push Pops inspired by a childhood memory of a whipped cream covered biscuit log. To make a dozen of these yummy dessert push pops you will need:

- 2 packets of store bought chocolate chippie biscuits (or 36 cookies)
- 2 tins of crushed pineapple in natural juice (440g tins)
- 300ml cream
- 2 tablespoons icing sugar
- handful of pineapple lumps to garnish

First prepare your ingredients for each layer. Drain the pineapple, reserving the liquid to dunk the biscuits in. Whip the cream, icing sugar and flavoured oil together and fill a large piping bag with a 2D tip inserted. This will make pretty swirls that will be visible through the transparent sides of your pops. Dunk a few biscuits at a time and use a 40mm round cutter to gently press perfect circles from the cookies. 

Now you are ready to assemble your layers from the bottom up, in this order:

Drunk biscuit
Generous cream swirl
Drunk biscuit
Generous cream swirl
Drunk biscuit
A wee cream star
Pineapple lump

When constructing these desserts it is really handy to have a stand for your pops to sit in. We have our own Kiwicakes Push Pop stands that do the job nicely and even double as a stylish serving stand. 

Lastly click the tops into place (they are a neat little dome that won't ruin your garnish!) and refrigerate until you are ready to enjoy. Diners simply push the handle up slowly and eat their treat from the top: how fun for a picnic or a party!

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