Friday, June 7, 2013

Wilton Course 1 starts June 27th

June 27th sees the start of the Wilton courses here at Kiwicake's. Course 1 runs from Thursday 27th June 12.30-2.30 for 4 weeks. The class is suitable for absolute beginner's however it would still be enjoyable for those with a little experience. (to book, visit us in store, or email

In Course 1, you will be taught the Wilton Method® - the easiest and best way to learn cake decorating.
For 85 years, Wilton has been teaching the Wilton Method® to decorators of all skill levels. With Wilton's Course 1, you'll learn how simple and fun it can be. Our experienced Wilton Method® Instructors will show you all the steps to getting to fabulous.
Your Wilton Method Instructor® will show you the best way to decorate, step by step, so that you can experience the excitement of successfully making a cake that will amaze your family and friends.
Topics covered in Course 1 include:
  • How to Bake a Great Cake for Decorating
  • How to fill and hold a Decorating Bag
  • Decorating Bag Pressure Control
  • Icing Consistency
  • Dimensional Decorating
  • Drop Flower
  • Piping Gel Pattern Transfer
  • Rosette
  • Shell
  • Pompom Flower
  • Shaggy Mum
  • Ribbon Rose
  • Printing and Writing on a Cake
  • Guidelines for Elementary Cake Design

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