Friday, May 31, 2013

Fondarific fondant now at Kiwicakes

Fondarific fondant is now available at Kiwicake's, it is a far superior fondant to many brands on the market. When I was at ICES in the USA last year I visited the Fondarific stand in the vendors hall. I was taken with it's working properties, as it does not dry out. The photo above is Jay Qualls (whom I took a seminar with whilst I was there - he's so much fun and really funny!) and Joshua John Russell, who is a Food network winner (and a online tutor on Craftsy). The centre tier of the cake above he told me was made mixing teal and white fondant together.
Currently I have the 8oz Fondarific fondant pots in stock, they are $8.95 each. The flavour is a yummy buttercream flavour.

Some key points about Fondarific

Exceptional pliability

Only high quality ingredients used

Less or NO powder Sugar needed for rolling

NO Elephant skin, drapes over corners easily without tearing

Unlimited work time

Great for beginners as well as professionals

Dries firm, but does not dry out

Colors will not run or fade

Ingredients: Sugar ( sugar cornstarch), partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil, non-fat dry milk, soy lecithin (emulsifier), artificial flavor, cane sugar, cornstarch,glucose fructose, water, salt, vanilla, butter flavor, Carboxymethyl cellulose, Gum Arabic, vegetable glycerin.  Containers Soy and milk products.

Modeling is easy with Fondarific. If you require a more firm fondant base, you may mix ½ gumpaste and ½ Fondarific  or 1 tsp of Tylose powder per ½ pound of Fondarific.

Allergy Information
Fondarific contains soy and milk products. Nut Free, Gluten Free and Trans-Fat Free. Soon to be Dairy Kosher.
Store Fondarific on the pantry shelf. May be refrigerated and frozen. 
Fondarific in Summer Months
Do not be alarmed if Fondarific is very soft and buttery. Let Fondarific return to room temperature and Knead the bloom (white coating) if present back into the product. This will not affect the quality of Fondarific.
Fondarific in Winter Months
Fondarific may arrive firm. Microwave 10 seconds per pound checking for hot spot about every 20 seconds. DO NOT OVER HEAT! If you do, allow product to return to room temp, knead and then roll. Little or no powdered sugar or cornstarch is necessary for rolling Fondarific.  Do not use shortening with Fondarific.
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