Monday, April 8, 2013

Chocolate Lollipops - from Kiwicakes test kitchen

My children and I experimented with handmade chocolates over Easter, when chocolate is always plentiful in our house! Then back at work today I couldn't resist trying out some of our many chocolate lollipop molds along with some of our brightly-coloured lollipop sticks and this is what I came up with...  

They would be lovely propped up on a party table or equally nice given in a gift bag to a lucky someone.

From past experience I know what I consider to be 'Chocolate Making 101' - that chocolate and water are not friends! So when preparing my Jandal and Cupcake molds today I was sure to just wipe them out with a lint-free cloth and resist the urge to wash them. Another good trick is to tap your molds on the bench once filled to release any air bubbles which would detract from the look of your sweet treats. Once the cavity is full to the top with gooey chocolate its time to add your lollipop stick. The best way to ensure it incorporates fully is to dip it in your chocolate mixture and coat it thinly before lying in the stick guide.

Here is a picture of me using standard gel colours (that we all have in our toolboxes already) to brighten up white chocolate melts. I was using egg yellow in the photo, along with electric blue and tulip red. It is only possible to achieve this without the chocolate seizing with the addition of a magic ingredient called Flo-Coat! You add roughly 5 parts of this oil to 1 part colour into your melted chocolate.

To achieve a consistent jandal strap size I piped the blue coloured chocolate from a piping bag with a #11 tip, its really versatile. You can also use various size paintbrushes to paint your molds.

Happy creating!
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