Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rainbow Dust glitters new labelling & info surrounding the change


At the beginning of 2012, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) issued new guidance to the public, on glitters that are used around food. In order to meet the requirements for “Food Contact”, there are several key elements that a company supplying glitter needs to have in place. They are: a “Declaration of Compliance”, successful "Global Migration" tests and the product itself must be labelled correctly in line with the updated FSA guidance.
Rainbow Dust Colours has for many years, had successful migration testing in place and their labelling prior to the updated FSA guidance had been previously passed by Trading Standards.
As soon as the new guidance was announced to suppliers/manufacturers back in 2011, Rainbow Dust Colours acted immediately to display to their customers that their glitter products were in line with the legislation's. To do this, they retested their glitter to ensure it met the updated legislation, supplied the appropriate documentation to trading standards and labelled their products as per the updated guidance. Their glitters are 100% complient.

It has come to the attention of Rainbow Dust Colours that in light of the recent update to the FSA’s guidance on glitters, there are companies still not complying.
One of the main offences is a claim that a glitter on the market is made from Mica (E555) and Titanium Dioxide and "safe to consume". Please be aware that products do exist that are made from these ingredients and they are products like their Edible Silk Range or the Edible Shapes. However, there is NO material on the market that is insoluble, made from E555 and E171 and looks as vibrant as a traditional glitter.  Rainbow Dust knows glitter, they know what materials exist and what their purpose of use is.

To put an end to these false claims, Rainbow Dust recently carried out analytical tests on such materials using an accredited third party laboratory who have confirmed their suspicions. They received confirmation that the other companies glitters did not conatin any traces of E171 (Titanium Dioxide) or E555 (Mica) what so ever. This is/was a false claim and has now triggered a full scale investigation by the FSA into the offending company(s) and their products. Their labelling WILL be made to comply as a "Food Contact" glitter.

Please be aware of other companies that are illegally promoting their glitters or have not researched their product well enough to understand what it is made of. We suspect the current false claims to be a short term effort to claim market share. But at what expense? The publics trust? This is unprofessional and irresponsible.

Rainbow Dust Colours always complies to legislation's and labels all products according to current requirements. They work WITH trading standards to make sure all our products are correct, so that our customers have peace of mind that they are purchasing legal products.
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