Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sneak peek of Wilton 2013 yearbook

We won't see the new Wilton 2013 yearbook for a few months yet, but here's a sneak peek.

Wilton had this to say about it

"For over 40 years, Wilton has been publishing the Wilton Yearbook of Cake Decorating. The Wilton Yearbook is the ideal resource for decorators of all skill levels as it offers hundreds of new and exclusive cake, cookie, cupcake, and other treat ideas for all celebrations. Each design also comes with step-by-step instructions to make it easy for you to create an amazing treat.

The cover cake definitely gives you a glimpse into what the 2013 Yearbook is all about: fun and excitement; tradition and non-tradition; color and flair! The 2-tiered buttercream cake is accented with Zebra Sugar Sheets! Edible Decorating Paper. Featured from Course 4, the Gerbera daisies add pops of brightness. And, the element of surprise happens with the rolled fondant curls revealing the zebra print.
This year’s edition is, as usual, based on party-filled fun for every occasion and celebration. Of course, there are cookies, cupcakes, candy, mini cakes—let’s not forget about cake—projects for all ages.
And, one thing is for sure: There are lots and lots of surprises!
Traditional decorating is making a grand return. We have paid homage to techniques from Wilton of yesteryear, but in ways that bring them into modern times. For example, in the wedding section, you’ll find cakes that feature brush embroidery using trend-right colors, ruffles that go from dainty to dramatic and cornelli lace that heighten dimensional patterns.
With new Sugar Sheets! Edible Decorating Paper and fondant molds, we have gone to new heights with different shapes and detailed dimension. For example, in the holiday section, we’ve bejeweled gingerbread. And in the birthday section, we made an ordinary sheet cake into a textured kids’ party!
Plus, we feature outrageous creations for your not-so-run-of-the-mill party! It’s a marriage of style and avant-garde. It’s where embellishments are sometimes bigger than the cake itself. And, it can only be called Cake Couture—our special section.
You’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to create these fashion-forward cakes with Wilton tools, like our new gum paste and fondant molds! And, we’ve introduced some new techniques, like floral origami and jumbo roses."
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