Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Push Pop containers - new in today!

Every now I get one of those products arrive that makes me jump up and down and clap my hands together like a 5 year old waiting for an icecream to be scooped in to a cone. Today is one of those days!. I would use the phrase "Like a pig in mud" to describe myself  when I opened this new delivery - but I think I use that phrase too often, so I won't!

So what is it you ask? PUSH POPS!. I can't wait to start using them, I can think of heaps of ideas already. What would you use them for? Buy them here at Kiwicakes

Push Pop Containers are the newest, hottest way to serve cupcakes or an array of other tasty treats! Each container easily holds two frosted miniature cupcakes, or three if squished in and comes with a lid for easy transportation.
Layer fudge, brownie, icecream, sorbet, candy, jelly ANYTHING!. A mini cupcake slots right in, or cut layer cake using a 4cm diameter round cutter.
Overall height with handle, 7"/17.5cm
Without handle, 3.75"/9.5cm
Diameter, 1.75"/4.4cm
Holds, 4oz
These can be hand-washed & reused or disposed of after 1 use. However we do encourage you to pop them in your recycling bin, rather than the rubbish as they are fully recyclable plastic.
Wow your guests at your next party with something completely different. Easily transportable to location parties, as each has a clip top lid.

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