Friday, September 9, 2011

A lovely new store in Auckland central to visit

I recently had the pleasure of visitng my good cake friend Rachel. She is the owner of Cupcake and has until recently worked from within a licensed kitchen at her home. The photos attached to this post were snapped on my phone, when I visited (about 2 weeks ago) the weekend before the store opened. Since this time Rachel has opened the doors and she promises me some updated photos soon.

I even got a sneaky photo of Rachel and the back of Grandma Kiwicakes who is too cunning to be caught on film.

Oh! I'd love a big wall oven like this

Hire stands & hire pans waiting to go out on display (the shelving was wet with fresh paint when we visited)

Yet more of her beautiful stands for hire

The consulting couch for her cake customers.

Rachel also carries a range of cake decorating supplies - why not pop in and see her at 4 Newton Road (entrance off Abbey st). Very soon cake decorating classes will be operating from her wonderful kitchen.
I can't wait for Rachel's photos to come through, so I can update you all with the finished look shortly.
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