Friday, September 16, 2011

Kiwicakes & Chocolate Earth airbrush collaboration

I've often been asked for advice on the purchase & use of airbrush machines. I don't know alot about them, so I was thrilled when Kevin from Chocolate Earth came to me and said "lets work together on airbrushes". As my expertise is in the importation of supplies from overseas and Kevin's expertise is in airbrushing (amongst other things), it was the perfect match.
You can now purchase from Kiwicakes website or instore at Chocolate Earth in Browns Bay model #1 for $439.00 and model #2 online only, at this stage - with Kiwicakes for $625.00 (Kevin uses model #2 himself)

Kevin will be organising airbrushing classes over the coming months, his first class was booked out less than 24 hours after posting details of it.
Kevin has even asked me to star in an airbrushing movie with him for you tube - now that will be a first for me! (I promise I will be trying to hide in the background!)

Kevin pioneered the paua airbrush look for cakes - which I adore!

Kevin is well known for his amazing 3d cakes, he's made some amazing cakes over the years, the structures inside to hold them up, are a work of art in themself.

Kevin's wine barrell blew me away - how realistic it looks.

These cakes are just some of many of Kevin's corporate cake orders.

These are some of Kevin's simpler airbrushed cakes sold through Chocolate Earth

Simple is still pretty fantastic looking in my book!

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