Friday, July 1, 2011

email request for anyone who has emailed me

Hello to all my Kiwicakes customers & friends

As many of you know I have been away Wellington for the past few days, yesterday upon my return all email was downloaded in to my inbox, in preparation for answering it all today, unfortunately overnight an 80mb email has crashed the inbox. I have spent the morning with my computer repair man, as yet he has been unable to retrieve the inbox. It appears unlikelyy he will be able to save it. And all emails will be lost

Since Monday this week

* If you have sent me an email and not had a reply

* If you have sent bank details and are awaiting a refund

* If you have asked me to order something

*Place an order by email

Could you please resend me your email with RESEND in the subject line. I would be grateful to receive any and all emails again.

As a result of today's drama Fun Fantastic Friday will be delayed, we willl work on some weekend specials and will update you as soon as ppossible

Many thanks in advance for your understanding.
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