Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rum ball pops or any kind of truffle pop

The following recipe comes from our friends at Robert's in Australia. Here at Kiwicakes I have all the Robert's products in stock, to make these little treasures. You could also fill them with cakes balls, or from customer suggestion, blending toffee pops or oreos with cream cheese, to make a quick ball filling for the cup.

1 Packet of Maria Biscuits (malt biscuits, or super wine)

1 Can of Condensed Milk

2 Tbs of Cocoa Powder

1 Cup of Coconut

Truffle cup mould - click here to get one

300g Packet of White Chocolate for Base

Jar of Strawberry Fondant for Top or 300g Bag of White Chocolate

Packet of Red Cupcake Candy Hearts

Place the Maria Biscuits in a plastic bag. Grab a rolling pin, tin, wooden spoon and whack the biscuits repeatedly until they are crushed into fine biscuit crumbs (or use a food processor). I had 2 four year olds who helped me for this part and they did a wonderful job.

In a large bowl, put the crushed biscuits, condensed milk, cocoa powder and coconut. Mix until combined. If you find it too dry, add a bit of water, or a bit of rum! Otherwise hold off on adding some of the crushed biscuits until you get the consistency you lik.

Roll into small balls and put in the fridge.

Take Mould 21 and fill just over half way with white chocolate

Gently place a rolled rum ball into the melted chocolate and push down until the chocolate comes up the sides of the mould and fills to the top. Don't push too hard, otherwise chocolate will spill over the edges. Gently does it and you will get better results with practice. Let it set. Always look on the underside of the mould and if the chocolate is wet and shiny it hasn't fully set. Wait until it looks dull. Once set, ease the piece out of the mould.

To create a melted chocolate Top:
Melt chocolate (approx 300g) into a deep bowl. You can colour it if you like using our chocolate powder colour

Dip the Rum Ball with the chocolate base into the melted chocolate. Move it around until melted chocolate touches the top of the chocolate base created from the earlier step. Slowly does it for the best results. Lift the Rum Ball back out of the melted chocolate and swirl it around (holding it the right way up) so that the chocolate gets a smooth finish on top.

Finish with a Red Heart Cupcake Candy.

To create a shiny Fondant Top:
Scoop out some Fondant Creme Filling (I used Strawberry) and place into a small deep bowl. Microwave for around 5-7 seconds until it becomes a litle runny. Then dip the Rum Ball into the fondant like in step 2 - 3 above. Its thicker than chocolate so you need to be a little more patient in getting a smooth finish. Fondant Creme filling comes in lots of flavours, Peppermint, Raspberry, Strawberry or Plain (colour and flavour to suite. Easy and quick to use and looking for something sweet.

Cake Pops with different toppings. Bright Pink is the Strawberry Fondant Creme, the White is Chocolate and the middle light pink colour is white chocolate coloured with red chocolate powder colouring

They can be finished in many different ways.

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