Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fun Fantastic Fridays! - Special pricing for everyone

Here at Kiwicakes, I thought it would be fun to introduce a new specials category each week. I'm going to call it "Fun Fantastic Friday!" - the new specials will be loaded by 5pm each Friday and will run through to midnight on Saturday evening. As tomorrow will be our first ever - the specials are loaded from now. AT time of writing we have good stocks of our specials, we're imposing no limits, until the stock runs out, so buy as much or as little as you like. Click here to go to our Fun Fantastic Friday! category on the Kiwicakes website. And don't forget, at midnight on Saturday, the prices revert to the old pricing.

Mystery packs $200 worth of goodies - was $40, now only $35 (we've had emails about how fantastic these parcels are and many exclamations that they exceeded your expecatations, we weren't kidding when we said the product was in excess of $200)

Wilton Red no taste colour was $6 now $3. Leaf Green was $6 now $3.

Sugar shape decorations (best before april 2011) Clowns, Baby boy, Baby girl, Cars - Lightning McQueen were 10.95 now $3

Final reduction on sugar shapes, best before August 2010 (still perfectly good to use) were 10.95 now $1.50 pack. Sports Balls & Ocean Friends
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