Friday, August 13, 2010

Big news! - Kiwicakes has cake forum

Exciting NEWS!

JUST LAUNCHED! Kiwicakes now has it's very own cake forum. Whilst I've enjoyed chatting with overseas cake decorators in other online forums. I felt it was time to create one, specifically for us in New Zealand. So we can all talk about recipes that work here with ingredients specific to us. I'm hoping new friendships will be forged, as we meet and chat to others in this wonderful country we call home. Not only that, I hope our beginners will come to the forum to seek help from our more experienced decorators. You can even add photos of your work and upload videos. Click here to go to the forum

FREE $10 Gift Voucher

Be one of the first 100 Kiwicakes members to sign up to the forum. Introduce yourself & say hello in the "Introductions" forum and receive free a $10 Kiwicakes gift voucher (please allow 7 days to receive your gift voucher by email - as it will take a while to process the first 100 requests)

I'd love to hear what you all think. Is there a category you want added to the forum?. What can I make better. Let me know. email me at
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