Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cricut Cake Club

At the request of many of you that have bought the Cricut Cake machine, or are interested in it. I've forged ahead and created a Cricut Cake Club along with Flo & Audrey for New Zealanders. They've left it up to me to tell you all about it. (check out our snazzy logo below). It stands for "Cricut Cake Club"  - if you couldn't guess!

This club is open to anyone with an interest in the machine (you don't need to own one to join us), with the purpose of sharing ideas and helping each other to use their machine in new & exciting ways. We are also planning to hold meet ups around the country - where we can all get together for some hands on fun.

We have a blog that functions as a website for the club. The site is a closed forum that cannot be viewed by non members. We believe this will allow a more open communication between members and ensure our cake designs are kept safe, until we're ready to share them with the rest of the world.

Membership is $5 per year, with subs due September 1st each year. (next sub due September 2011). This small cost, will allow us to cover some of the expenses already incurred.

If you would like to join us at the Cricut Cake Club - please email me at
We'll be celebrating September first, with everyone that has joined - with a Cricut cartridge giveaway.
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