Friday, June 11, 2010

Cricut Cake & Gumpaste

An update on Cricut Cake & Gumpaste. YES! Cricut Cake works great with gumpaste, also known as sugarpaste, or sugar flower paste. I have been lucky enough to try the Cricut gumpaste with the demo machine. And its consistency and working properties are identical to this locally made product priced at 7.95 per 200g. I am just thrilled about this, as the Cricut gumpaste will not be imported in to New Zealand.

Remember this shape - I cut it using gumpaste, then immediately after it was cut picked up the scroll and flipped it, before leaving it to dry.

This is what I started with - before I flipped it.

Another thing I thought I would show you is this picture. You don't need to cover the entire mat with gumpaste see!. because you can tell the mat where to start cutting the shapes from GENIUS!
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