Monday, May 31, 2010

What I learnt about Cricut Cake & more

Today sadly I had to return the Cricut Cake machine to the distributor, alas, they need it to demo to others. I do feel honoured that I was trusted with it, for such a long time. I really put the machine through its paces, I've yet to share everything I did with you and all the machine is capable of. However I have received quite a few questions and requests. I shall endeavour to answer some of them here nd over my next few posts.
What I have learned

Cricut cake exceeded my expectaions

It is addictive

The cartridges are awesome

I wish this machine was in my life years ago!. It makes many things, such as lettering much more simple. This is where I discovered the hidden depths of a cartridge, for example - this picture below is what we the consumer are shown for the Birthday cartridge. Yet I cut the "Have a Sweet day" on the side of yesterdays chocolate cake from this cartridge. Now there is nothing to indicate, there is anything that cool on there!

So take a look at each icon on the birthday cartridge. Look closely they are small. See that tiny little icon for a princess. Well if you hit the font tab for that You can cut out "Happy Birthday princess with a crown" just like my cupcake cut out from yesterday (or my tea party below).

Press the cowboy button with the font button and you can cut out "Howdy Partner" Not only that, you can cut out a shadowed background for the writing to overlay on (You can make the shadow cut out for any/all phrades, not just the cowboy one)

Press the teapot button, not only can you cut the teapot you see, but use the font buttons and you can cut out "Tea Party"

The cartridge states you can cut about 600 different things from it - I sure believe it!. It is all explained in the accompanying booklet that comes packaged with the cartridge. Each Cake Cartridge wil also cut letters singly. Yesterdays cake with "I" heart "Cricut Cake" was cut with letters from the Cake Basics cartridge (this is the cartridge that comes with your machine when you purchase it here in NZ. The elegant cakes cartidge, has a lovely scrolly alphabet (stay tuned to see that on a cake that is almost finished)

Scrapbookers with paper cutting machines will already know the hidden depths of a Cricut Cartridge, but for those of us coming to Cricut for the first time - it's all new. Basically I could sum it up as - look at that little icon on the cricut cartridge and assume there are lots of things themed around icon. Font is not the only thing on the sub menu. As I share more posts with you - of my cutting adventures from the last week, I hope I will begin to be able to explain just how it all works.

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