Friday, May 28, 2010

Today was all about layering

Today I felt the Cricut Cake & I were more in tune - I guess I am more familiar with everything. I've begun to figure things out so much more. I've worked out how to get in to the sub menus of the cartridges, which has opened up a whole new world. I had thought today I would be doing fondant (yesterday was gumpaste). But I fell in love with layering. Up until now, I've been doing single layer cuts. Rememebr that lovely big cupcake shape?. Well today I cut a striped cupcake wrapper for the base. Photos will follow over the next few days, I ran out of daylight to get photos today. I can tell you I've been having a heap of fun with "paper dolls" and have a vast array of bodies, outfits & hairstyles, all awaiting pairing up.
Just so you don't feel you've missed out on photos today. I have a great selection of photos of cakes, made by Audrey O'Kane Marshall from Alexandra. Audrey is the talented lady behind Cake Occasions She has been using the paper cutting Cricut adapted to work with icing for some years now. Audrey kindly agreed to let me share her work with you.

Audrey is very handy at paper work with the Cricut also - look at these stunning cupcake papers!

And boxes

And bags!
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