Saturday, May 29, 2010

Some of the layering I promised you

Here are some photos of the layering I promised you yesterday. The umbrella & paisley are both from the Cricut Cake basics cartridge which comes with the machine when you purchase it. I cut the white shapes, and then used the shift key, to cut out the lay-outs for both. The base is white edible image sheet and I cheated for the top, I wanted pattern on my icing, instead of a plain secondary colour, so I grabbed an already printed edible image and let Cricut Cake, cut randomly from the red patterned edible image Click here if you want to see the one I used from the Kiwicakes range - to get an idea how the colours were, before it was cut up.
The layering for the umbrella is cut in 4 separate pieces (the paisley is a one piece lay on)
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