Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cricut Cake machine & my adventures today

Today the Cricut Cake demo machine arrived at Kiwicakes. BUT and there is a big BUT, I was over an hour late for work today. OF ALL THE DAYS I could pick to drop a 1kg container of Chicken stock in the pantry, it had to be today. I have no one to blame but myself, I used it last night and didn't put the lid back on properly. How you ask?, did I manage to do this?. WELL! for over three weeks, we have been having a visit from a mouse at home. I have had a trap in the pantry for 3 weeks, which it had been ignoring. Until last night!. I moved the chicken stock by the lid - to check the trap - and yes! today we had a mouse, the surprise caused me to jolt dropping the chicken stock. I screamed as the chicken stock fell (not because of the mouse). My three year old came running "are you hurt Mummy?" & then "OH DEAR! - what a mess". BOY that was some clean up job!. The upside is, my pantry probably hasn't looked so clean in a while.
When I unpacked this wonderful machine, I found not only had I been sent the machine, but I also had a wonderful selection of cartridges to play with.

The Cricut Tool Kit, I feel is fantastic value at 49.99 for all you get, all of the tools would easily be used in other Cake decorating work.
Now I have my own versions of each of these tools, but the small spatula works much better than any I have, when sliding it under the frosting sheets. And how cute with the Cricut logo on each tool.

And you also get this great little poking stick - in case any pieces get stuck in those super fine holes.
So on to what I achieved today

Well there is this

and these

and this

now I wouldn't want to cut this by hand.

So today I could sum in a nut shell how I was feeling as

No lets make that - LUCKY with flashing lights and bells on (that's purple glitter all over the letters - up close and personal, they were far pettier than my photo portrays - but light was failing by the time these beauties had their photo taken)

Today I decided to start with frosting sheets - also known as edible icing sheets (I'd lost so much of my morning already - I decided to start with the quickest product first - tommorrow I will be test driving gumpaste) That's right, these are the sheets of icing you put through a printer to make an edible image. And through my adventures with this machine today, testing multiple brands of frosting sheets, I have discovered what I feel to be the perfect brand to work with this machine. Some brands were too thin, others just didn't cut as well. I have done hours of testing and feel confident of my final choice. I will be adding the sheets I have used today, in to the Kiwicakes product range. As I am high on Cricut excitement, in a fit of madness, I have decided to add in frosting sheets for all preorder customers, so you can be as happy as I am today, when you first test your machine. We will also have these sheets available for purchase.

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